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The New Generation of Brandy
               B.S. ® 

      7 Years Aged (XO Quality)

          Award Winning Brandy  
              Two Silver Medals      
          Chicago & Los Angeles

B.S. ® 

B.S. brandy is created with the best cognac traditions by distilling twice our own premium wines and keeping only "the heart" (about 1/3) on each distillation.

B.S. #1 - 7,037 bottles were produced.

Silver Medal, 2012 International Review of Spirits, BTI, Chicago
Silver Medal, 2012 International Wine & Spirits Competition, Los Angeles


History of making brandy in Georgia:

In 1880, David Saradjishvili founded his Cognac Factory in Tbilisi, Georgia (then part of the Russian Empire) which was a crossroads for Turkish, Central Asian, and Persian trade routes.

Georgian and Armenian brandies (always called cognacs in the era) were considered some of the best in the world, often beating their French competitors at the International Expositions in Paris and Brussels in the early 1900s. The storehouses of the Romanov Court in St. Petersburg were regarded as the largest collections of cognacs and wines in the world—much of it from the Transcaucasus region of Georgia.

During the October Revolution of 1917, upon the storming of the Winter Palace, the Bolshevik Revolution actually paused for a week or so as the rioters gorged on the substantial stores of cognac and wines. 


B.S. is taking history to the next level. A new look with the same sophistication.